n. pl.

1. Division into three parts or elements.
2. A system based on three parts or elements.

3. Piano. Drums. Bass.

Sean Foran - piano
John Parker - drums
Sam Vincent - bass

The Guardian
"These three make the resources of the conventional piano trio go a long way."  4 STARS

MOJO Magazine
“delightfully detailed ensembles, full of wit and vigour…they bamboozle with tricky time-signatures and intricate themes” 4 STARS

Irish Times
“Startling contrasts in dynamics, unusual time signatures and great rhythmic flexibility are swept along in the flow of invention of exciting performances…a stunningly together group”  4 STARS

BBC Music Magazine
"this is a genuine trio, with three equally important parts, and they never put a foot or finger wrong" 5 STARS

"highly engaging peaks, the trio is in full flow"
"very ‘now'-sounding...beautifully poised"

The Australian
"a brilliant trio of stellar originality"
"...fresh and exciting-and, yes, varied. Variations should be the album that propels Trichotomy to world-wide recognition"
"Fact Finding Mission is the sound of one of the most exciting trios in contemporary music".


Trichotomy's compelling, hugely dynamic trio music draws on sounds of avant-rock, ECM minimalism and their love of collective improvisation, in an entrancing Australian echo of the European jazz innovations of the likes of EST or Tord Gustavsen. Modern, imaginative & thoroughly inventive, this is a group in total control of their sound world. Having carved out a reputation as one of the most exciting trios in contemporary jazz, this Australian trio is a unique voice in modern music. 
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Upcoming Shows

Latest News

New album + Tour early 2017 

we're hard at work on post production of the new album right now.... and we're very pleased to let you all know that it'll be out early 2017, and we'll be back in the UK for shows, plus into Europe and of course at home around Australia. More specifics soon!

Sean's new album 

Trichotomy have been busy with various things over the past year, but pianist Sean has also had another project in the works.... and now it's ready!

FRAME OF REFERENCE - the new album - OUT SEPT 2nd. 

Although Frame of Reference moves away from the jagged, pulse-racing intensity of Trichotomy, it is no less fluent, tight or dramatic.  Sean's desire to work with new musicians was, in part, a response to reaching for a more ‘chamber jazz sound’. 

Throughout the eight tracks, tempos shift with pieces building and swooping with dramatic intensity.  Together, the ensemble provides sharp interplay while repeating melodies and cello accompaniment at times provide an anthemic, cinematic touch - rhythmic and hypnotic, but always with a clear melodic focus. 

Featuring the distinctive musical voices of Julian Arguelles (sax), Stuart McCallum (guitar), Ben Davis (cello) and Joost Hendrickx (drums) and Sean on piano+Fender Rhodes, Frame of Reference is a compelling piece of work. 

Trichotomy drummer John Parker was also a critical part of the process, working as mix engineer on the album and co-producing it, with the close musical connection Sean & John share in Trichotomy evident in this production as well. 

Frame of Reference is out SEPT 2 on the Australian label Jazzhead, and Sean tours it across the UK during early October and to Brisbane/Sydney/Melbourne in Mid OCT. Dates are available on Sean's website -

Crowdfunding successful!! 

We're thrilled to announce that we cracked the target of our crowdfunding campaign. HUGE thanks to everyone that supported the project. We'll be hitting the studio soon, and supporters will be lucky to hear the new album before anybody else! 
If you missed out... don't despair...follow us through our mailing list and on social media and you can pre-order the album... 
Loads more info to come, but for now.. we're feeling very thankful 

Crowdfunding campaign soon + Ensemble in residence 

It's all happening.
We're just finalising our crowdfunding campaign, and it'll be live soon.... there are some SUPER SWEET rewards on offer... can't wait to share it all with you.
Also, we're proud to announce that we are ENSEMBLE IN RESIDENCE at the Conservatorium in Brisbane this year.... our first show is coming up on 16th March. New tunes in store!!!!!!!