Sean's new album

Trichotomy have been busy with various things over the past year, but pianist Sean has also had another project in the works.... and now it's ready!

FRAME OF REFERENCE - the new album - OUT SEPT 2nd. 

Although Frame of Reference moves away from the jagged, pulse-racing intensity of Trichotomy, it is no less fluent, tight or dramatic.  Sean's desire to work with new musicians was, in part, a response to reaching for a more ‘chamber jazz sound’. 

Throughout the eight tracks, tempos shift with pieces building and swooping with dramatic intensity.  Together, the ensemble provides sharp interplay while repeating melodies and cello accompaniment at times provide an anthemic, cinematic touch - rhythmic and hypnotic, but always with a clear melodic focus. 

Featuring the distinctive musical voices of Julian Arguelles (sax), Stuart McCallum (guitar), Ben Davis (cello) and Joost Hendrickx (drums) and Sean on piano+Fender Rhodes, Frame of Reference is a compelling piece of work. 

Trichotomy drummer John Parker was also a critical part of the process, working as mix engineer on the album and co-producing it, with the close musical connection Sean & John share in Trichotomy evident in this production as well. 

Frame of Reference is out SEPT 2 on the Australian label Jazzhead, and Sean tours it across the UK during early October and to Brisbane/Sydney/Melbourne in Mid OCT. Dates are available on Sean's website -