Our collaboration with percussionist NOZOMI OMOTE 

Our next piece of new music is the second in our collaboration with the awesome percussionist Nozomi Omote. We have been fortunate to gain funding from Moreton Bay Regional Council as part of their RADF CONTINUE CREATING program, and this second work completes the mini release. 

Written by Trichotomy drummer John Parker, "Life gets in the way" (originally from our String Quartet album) has been reworked for trio + 4 part percussion ensemble. 

Here's where it gets cool... This is a multimedia release, so it consists of the audio track - available on Bandcamp, plus the digital sheet music for each instrument AND downloadable backing tracks - so you can get the sheet music and play along with the band. Sweet! That's for ANY of the instruments.. so you can play the bass part, piano part, or some of the percussion parts  - VIBRAPHONE or MARIMBA. Perfect for high school percussion ensembles.. 

Full details below and where to grab the audio and sheet music and don't forget to watch the studio video of us playing the song!! (See above) 

LISTEN/BUY the AUDIO - "Life Gets in the Way" - https://trichotomy.bandcamp.com/music

BUY "Life Gets in the Way" - MULTIMEDIA PACK: Scores for ALL instruments,  backing tracks and in studio video at PREPARED SOUNDS - 



Did you hear our first track with Nozomi?? We released it late last year - 'That Which is Not Fleeting" 

LISTEN/BUY the AUDIO -  "That Which is Not Fleeting" - https://trichotomy.bandcamp.com/music

BUY "That Which is Not Fleeting" - MULTIMEDIA PACK: Scores for ALL instruments, backing tracks and in-studio video - https://trichotomy.bandcamp.com/merch/that-which-is-not-fleeting-multimedia-release

Reviews for "Between the Lines" + Woodford gigs! 

In other good news, the reviews have been rolling in for "Between the Lines" with some truly lovely comments being made about the album from people around the country: 

"Between the Lines is a stunning album which brings all of the players’ broad experiences and influences together to create Widdicombe’s finest record so far. 
At heart, I think, musicians are restless spirits, explorers, not that fussed by the boxes of genre, looking for whatever new elements can make their music fresh and vital. Sometimes, often perhaps, musicians are bound by commercial demands, the need to pay the rent, but the good ones always find a way to transcend that" - NOEL MENGEL,  The Music Trust 

Widdicombe declares “I’m falling to pieces in a natural way”. Even if that were true, and there’s plenty of evidence that in fact he’s holding together a lot better than most of us, it’s also happening in a way that makes for a very attractive listening experience. 
It’s got the confidence to be gentle, the technique to be loose and tight simultaneously, the ease with himself to blend in jazz and middle of the road pop without feeling embarrassed about any lack of “cool”, and the self-awareness to be blunt about himself and the state of his life, his world" - Bernard Zuel 

"with jazz trio Trichotomy on his side, Widdicombe brings the best out of his Gretsch; gentle and uplifting jams with Sean Foran's piano a gorgeous tonic on the title track, Sam Vincent's bass bringing the groove throughout and drummer John Parker's hypnotic touch, particularly on Popo, making this an album to sit back and relax with. Very groovy"


We'll be sharing this music at the WOODFORD FOLK FESTIVAL soon...  Woodford is an incredible multi-art festival in QLD held over the Xmas/New Year period. There is SO MUCH music on there it's a little hard to describe.

Check it out here -  https://woodfordfolkfestival.com/  

and we hope to see you there! 



New album with Danny Widdicombe - Support the campaign!  

We're pretty excited to have this new album in collaboration with Danny coming out soon....

You may have heard some murmurings about our new collaboration with Danny Widdicombe. Well, yes, your jazz-folk-country dreams have come true and we've decided to smash those genres together into one stew of musical inventiveness. 
Danny has written some wonderful music that we've all worked on together in our Brisbane studio, and you'll be able to hear the recording - and live shows if you're in QLD - very soon. 

Here's the plan.. 
June 11 -The single "I'm Not Around"is released on all your usual streaming platforms... follow us on Spotify (or whatever you like) and have it delivered to you magically! 
FOLLOW on Spotify HERE and Bandcamp HERE 

BUT.. more excitingly you can pre-order the album through our POZIBLE campaign. We've hit the target, so it's all happening, but you'll be the very first to receive the album on LP, CD, and Digital Download. It won't be available on streaming services for a while... that's right.. physical is FIRST! 
Jump on the campaign HERE (oh, there's some pretty sweet other incentives apart from the album in there as well....) 

And then... LAUNCH SHOWS >>>> 
We're thrilled to be at the QLD Music Festivalthroughout JULY with shows in Brisbane, Currumbin and Eumundi 
Dates are on the website..
Plus... there are some special guests at some of these gigs, to be revealed soon ;0


Trichotomy & Danny Widdicombe 

We have a surprising new project. Perhaps some of you have followed our music making for some time, and no doubt you're seen that we have enjoyed collaborating with a variety of artists - jazz musicians, classical ensembles, video artists, and dance companies, all in Australia and internationally. I also recall a performance in China where we performed alongside a magician. Yep.. that's not a typo. 

Anyway... what's the new thing all about you ask? 

Danny Widdicombe & Trichotomy. 

Danny is a wonderful singer, songwriting and guitarist. You may know him from his work with the acclaimed folk group "THE WILSON PICKERS" and he's been a good friend of ours for many years, but we'd never really had the chance to work together. So, enough of the madness....lets make some music together! 

But what's it all going to sound like?? Well.... jazz/country/folk/bluegrass... perhaps that sounds a little odd... but it sounds quite charming actually! 

We got together recently in the Trichotomy HQ to play through some of the songs Danny has written specifically for this collaboration. You can listen to them below and enjoy hearing the band and Danny play though the material for the very first time! Kinda like sitting in on our rehearsal :) 

Now we plan to record this new collection of music later this year and take it on the road around Australia in 2019. We'd love your support and have put together a project with the Australian Cultural Fund. 

Through this you can contribute to our project, and not only feel good about supporting the arts in Australia, but also your contributions are TAX DEDUCTIBLE! 

Very nice indeed. 

All the info you need is here - https://australianculturalfund.org.au/projects/danny-widdicombe-and-trichotomy-project/ 

We would love your support, every little contribution counts and helps us create this wonderful art.


Recent gigs & new collaborations... 

It's been a blast recently with gigs at the Stonnington Jazz Festival with Expressions Dance Company and the wonderful vocalists Kristin Berardi + Kayleigh Pincott.

We also collaborated with VJ Andrew Gibbs for a show in Brisbane.... a little snap is below.

BUT the good news is that we're collaborating with the singer/songwriter DANNY WIDDICOMBE on a new project... more on that soon! 

QMA Win 

We're very pleased to announce that the track ASSET OR LIABILITY from the KNOWN-UNKNOWN album has won the Qld Music Award Jazz work of the year for 2018. Nice stuff! 

Big thanks to all at Q Music for this honour and to all the Trichotomy supporters :) 

Direct link to the track is here: https://open.spotify.com/track/79JKC2OqFS9WDWTeErRgy7?si=UDCst8sfTyOKkpvSQly0Tg


Live with String Quartet - album release! 

Well this has been some time coming.....way back in 2012 we wrote a suite of works for String Quartet and performed them at some festivals in Australia, the Stradbroke Island Chamber Music Festival the Melbourne Fringe Festival and the Restrung Festival in Brisbane. 
A couple of years later we restaged the suite -  plus wrote a newly commissioned work "Out of the Dark Sky" inspired by the artwork of Yvonne Mills-Stanley - for a performance in Brisbane as part of the Declassified Music Festival performance series. 

The performance was recorded wonderfully by the live engineer David Spearritt and has been sitting mostly dormant on our hard drives.... sure there's a few tracks up on Soundcloud, but it's never really been widely available. 

Why not?? Good question!!!  

I suppose we never really got around to putting it out.. so we thought that these songs needed to be heard... here they are. 


Testing new sounds... 

It's been quite fun recently spending some time in the studio testing a variety of electronic manipulations of our acoustic sounds. Big shout out to all at CRITTER and GUITARI and OWOW.... they make amazing gear!! 



Brisbane's newest Jazz venue DOO-BOP is open! 

We're there as part of the KINDRED series... 

KINDRED – A collective of musicians presenting world class jazz and original music in Brisbane’s exciting new dedicated live jazz venue. Curated by 7 x Platinum selling, 5 x ARIA award winning and National Jazz Award winning husband and wife team Zac Hurren and Katie Noonan, every Monday night in Brisbane you will have a chance to come and listen to some of the finest musicians in the country. 

Like Miles Davis, the legendary artist who inspired this venue – this music will look to the future with a respectful acknowledgement of the past and make music of searing, unique beauty. 

Doors open at 6pm.